Throughout my career I have been able to work with people in a group setting or individual counselling sessions. This is a time for you to decide what is most pressing that you would like to explore in a safe supported way. Clinical Hypno therapy is an excellent way to access the creative conscious to help with many issues, such as stop smoking, self esteem, worries and anxiety, phobias, stress and many more. Message for more information, it is recommended that you want these changes prior to attending hypno therapy. We also pair counseling with it so at times you can expect the sessions to run approx. 80-90 mins.


Communication is key and an important component to a healthy relationship. Whether you are in a relatively new relationship or have been together years. You can come explore the next stages of life and relationship goals together. We will discuss how to move through possible stuck patterns in a relationship. As we work through the issues at times we may have individual sessions and together sessions. We also develop a plan meaningful to the couple. Healthy communication is key but often we have different perspectives of what that is.


In life  a person can  “Choose your own adventure” is something I remind people that this is indeed their life they do have a choice . At times that may shock them but it illustrates that we all tell ourselves a narrative about our own life experiences. We develop meaning behind the experiences and the characters in our own story are implicated in the choices we make while also affecting our emotional guidance systems. We stand in our truth, and our perspective. Narrative therapy allows you to author your own expert experience using your words. Our interventions then become about looking within and rewriting some of the perceptions, and examine patterns. You gently look at the events in your life and how these events are processed in your mind, while also looking for hidden themes and narratives in your life experiences. Perhaps you've felt trapped by your  his/her story and if so, it may be time to start authoring a new story.


Parenting in this social media, and game oriented world can be difficult but you can learn strategies that will help moderate and strengthen your relationship in a healthy way. Watch for parent support groups that will be offered in the late fall.


When the blues continue for more than 30 days its time to start looking at how you can help yourself. Often people are scared of the word depression, there are various types. Seeking a medical doctors advice and forms of therapy are known to help. You don't have to feel alone.


There are various ways to treat addictions and there are various addictions. From gambling to shopping, over the years of providing counselling for addictions it becomes about developing different healthier habits for you. Clinical hypnosis  case studies have shown to be a helping factor in changing thoughts and behaviours

STRESS & TRAUMA I am trained in basic EMDR, another modality used to file and sort trauma.
Intergenerational Trauma

The generations of trauma exist in many areas of Canada. One of the most wide spread is the residual trauma from child hood residential schools. Today there is still ongoing healing from that era of hurt. I have worked with residential school survivors since 2005. I have been a witness to their recollections of their experiences. If this is something that is impacting your life please don't hesitate to book an appointment. I will support your healing journey. Unfortunately intergenerational trauma has impacted many cultures in different ways as the his/herstories of Canada are unveiled.


Anxiety is one of the most common issues that Canadians face, whether it be job pressures, stress related, health related at times we all experience anxiety. We can face this issue together and you can learn how to cope with the ongoing worries and life can be different and good. Replacing worry thoughts with constructive healthy awareness, in your own way at your own pace. You can change when you are ready. 

Meditation is a proven way to lessen worries and anxiety in people. I offer tools and strategies to help you manage through your life. Anxiety can be managed and you can also benefit in many ways from meditation. watch for upcoming Mindful meditation groups offered weekly at the  Prince George location.


These are some therapeutic modalities that I use but not limited to, it is client centered and therefore you are the expert on your life. At times when talk isn't as helpful another technique that I use is expressive  arts or clinical hypnosis.