In search of....

It has been an exciting  3 years of growth and with growth comes more opportunities for expansion.

Melanie is looking forward to building her team of professionals in the near future to share her space. If you are interested please send your information to Melanie @

As we are still learning about the co-vid outcomes we are preparing slowly for in office sessions under a strict sanitization regime. 

We want our clients to feel safe and well when they enter the office so there will be changes to waiting room and hand sanitization stations. Please note you are not able to bring extra people to your appointment and you must wait outside prior to your appointment. You will be notified when you can enter the office. 

Please also note if you are sick you will be asked to rebook at a later time.


Melanie will also be reducing her schedule to allow for less shared air space as well as an expansion to telehealth and e counselling sessions. Both are a great way to connect and still do processing work.