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About Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy


 Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy involves the utilization of trance (slower brain wave states) for psychologically therapeutic applications. A Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist is trained and skilled in the adjunct use of clinical hypnosis in evidence-based, trauma-informed psychotherapy.  The Hypnotherapy technique uses  professional competency in the safe and ethical use of hypnotherapy in the psychotherapeutic setting, specifically in conjunction with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and mindfulness based approaches, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).


There is much research behind clinical hypnotherapy as an effective adjunct psychotherapy intervention, and it has been used in an integrative fashion to successfully treat


 •PTSD; •phobias;



 •chronic pain and migraines;

 •habits such as teeth grinding (bruxism);

 and •body focused repetitive behaviours

(the above is only a partial list taken both from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and highlights of a recent literature search referenced by the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis).

  • University Northern British Columbia, BSW

  • University of Northern British Columbia, MSW

  • BCCASW. Registration Number: 11641 RSW

  • C.Hyp Clinical Hypnosis Certificate

  • Clinical Hypnosis Mastery Certificate 

  • Break the worry trance 

  • Psychotherapy and trauma

  • EMDR trained

  • upcoming trainings TBA 




Welcome to Zunza Wellness and counselling, where wellness is our priority.  Please phone or email

I accept some insurance benefits.Please note,  payment is expected at the time of the session. Please check with your provider to see your maximum benefits. A receipt will be provided and you can submit to your benefits provider.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you know your coverage and full up on being reimbursed or ensuring that billing is set up prior to booking an appointment.  Each insurance company is different so please ensure that you research this prior to your appointment.


#314-1717 3rd Ave V2L 3G7

3rd floor





Clinical Hypnosis $155-$175/session

Clinical therapy sessions $175/session

EMDR $185 & up 

 workshop rates: TBA please email for information or requests


Wellness sessions ($135/hr) energy work additional $25/15mins

At this time my schedule allows for bookings on

Spring hours startingAPRIL 2020

 Mondays CLOSED

Tuesdays 10-4PM

Wednesdays  closed

Thursdays  10AM-4 PM

Friday 10AM- 2PM

Saturdays  Open 2 Saturdays a month for HYPNOSIS SESSIONS ONLY


Sundays and all statutory holidays

I am an approved CVAP provider please contact them to ensure they arrange for your sessions to be covered

The sessions are typically 50 mins long unless you request a longer session then they will be booked accordingly and billed accordingly . If you are late you your appointment will be shorter.

Please email or call  for more information.  In the hours of 10am-4pm Tuesday-Friday

Payment Policy

As this beautiful practice continues to  grow, it is important that you are able to confirm payment. Please confirm your  booking at zunza21@gmail.com.  and I now have an online booking system that will allow you to book your appointment and will confirm your appointment. The only

payment options which are due at the time or  BEFORE 28hrs of  your appointment.

Late payments will be charged a fee. $10/day in addition to your session fee


Please ensure you can keep your appointment. If you cannot attend 

please cancel 28 hours in advance. As that spot cannot be rebooked. A deposit maybe required if you miss your appointments. 


* Cash or email money transfer* option as well.

Appointments must be given 28 hrs notice if cancelling, or there is a missed appointment fee $120.00



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