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About Melanie Lansall - Lead Trainer, Facilitator & Therapist


Melanie Lansall  has her Master’s in Social Work, and  is a Registered Social Worker, and she specializes in holistic and integrative approaches to mental health. She is the Founder of Zunza Wellness and Counselling, and has  20  years of combined experience in the provision of mental health services, crisis and trauma counselling, and clinical social work practice, teaching, community development and supervision. Melanie  also uses hypnotherapy clinical counselling for phobias, anxiety and other Mental Health matters. 

    Melanie is from the Tsay Keh Dene Nation and is dedicated to community development and providing services, provincially, nationally and internationally.


         *****At this time due to the co-vid pandemic Melanie is offering e counselling as well as phone sessions through a secure platform.****

One of Melanie's roles has been work as a part time social work instructor at the University of Northern British Columbia teaching future social workers about community development and social work.


Other initiatives over the years has been creating the Medicine Keeper Wellness program. In addition, she has both received  training in the areas of clinical hypnotherapy, and provided teachings in mindfulness-based, shaman healing approaches to psychotherapy, energy medicine, and Ericksonian-based psychotherapy. Melanie is also trained in EMDR trauma therapy.

If interested please contact Melanie to discuss the value of Medicine Keeper Wellness Program in your organization or practice.

Melanie has also created a variety of wellness workshops to be offered to agencies, or communities or intensive self care days to develop a one to one plan to move forward in yout life. One current program is a Grief & Loss program which is a series of four, 2 day workshops exploring the complexities of grief and loss.

Melanie is now offering a new program to work with anxiety through multiple modalities. It is called From the Edge of Anxiety. Please contact Melanie for more information. There are several introductory packages offered. 

Melanie welcomes highly motivated individuals who want to explore  topics as they heal and continue on their journey of life.

She is also offering a new wellness program that aims to continue on your mind body spiritual and emotional health called the Soul to Spirit Bear Program. A 12 week intensive program with many points of access to Melanie to keep you focused on your goals. 

Clinical hypnosis is a wonderful tool to assist you on your journey, in the areas of anxiety, trauma and over all life changes.

EMDR is also a useful therapeutic approach that Melanie is trained in and very effective for PTSD and other trauma related experiences.


Please note that this is a small practice and we need 36 hours notice for cancellations.

Payment is expected at the time of the session. 

A late cancellation or no show will result in a $150 fee which is payable in full prior to booking any future sessions.

About Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy


 Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy involves the utilization of trance (slower brain wave states) for psychologically therapeutic applications. A Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist is trained and skilled in the adjunct use of clinical hypnosis in evidence-based, trauma-informed psychotherapy.  The Hypnotherapy technique uses  professional competency in the safe and ethical use of hypnotherapy in the psychotherapeutic setting, specifically in conjunction with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and mindfulness based approaches, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).


There is much research behind clinical hypnotherapy as an effective adjunct psychotherapy intervention, and it has been used in an integrative fashion to successfully treat


 •PTSD; •phobias;



 •chronic pain and migraines;

 •habits such as teeth grinding (bruxism);

 and •body focused repetitive behaviours

(the above is only a partial list taken both from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and highlights of a recent literature search referenced by the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis).

  • University Northern British Columbia, BSW

  • University of Northern British Columbia, MSW

  • BCCASW. Registration Number: 11641 RSW

  • C.Hyp Clinical Hypnosis Certificate

  • Clinical Hypnosis Mastery Certificate 

  • Break the worry trance 

  • Psychotherapy and trauma

  • EMDR trained

  • upcoming trainings TBA 

  • Adults, Children, and Adolescents

  • Individuals 

  • Relationship Issues

  • Inter-generational trauma

  • residential school survivor

  • Stress and trauma

  • Post traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Clinical Hypnosis

  • EMDR trauma counselling

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Self esteem

  • Goal setting

  • Reiki Energy Work

  • Tandem Meditation

  • expressive art therapy

  • self care workshops

  • grief and loss workshops

  • Dream Catching and visualization workshop

  • professional development workshops

contact us


Welcome to Zunza Wellness and counselling, Where wellness is our priority.  Please phone or email

I accept some insurance benefits. Please note* payment is expected at the time of the session. Please check with your provider to see your maximum benefits prior to our appointment.*

A receipt will be provided and you can submit to your benefits provider.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you know your coverage and review their policy on being reimbursed or ensuring that billing is set up prior to booking an appointment.  Each insurance company is different so please ensure that you research this prior to your appointment.


#314-1717 3rd Ave V2L 3G7

two locations to serve you!

Success! Message received.



email: to book an appointment. 



Clinical Hypnosis $165-$175/session

Clinical therapy sessions $175/session

EMDR $185 & up 

 workshop rates: TBA please email for information or requests

Extended session or Intensive half daily session-

2.5 hour session $400. This is meant for people who want to work through and on very specific goals in a time specific period.  There is a deposit required to book these sessions. 

Wellness sessions ($145/hr) energy work additional $25/15mins

At this time my schedule allows for bookings on

Wednesday 11-2pm

Friday 10-3pm

Saturdays 10-2pm

Sundays and all statutory holidays

I am an approved CVAP provider please contact them to ensure they arrange for your sessions to be covered, and have your Claim number available.  ICBC sessions can be covered but again this must be sorted out prior to our appointment. IF ICBC does not pay you will have to pay for your sessions. 

The sessions are typically 50 mins long unless you request a longer session then they will be booked accordingly and billed accordingly . If you are late you your appointment will be shorter.

Please email or call  for more information.  In the hours of 10am-3pm Tuesday-Thursday My assistant will return your call.

Payment Policy

As this beautiful practice continues to  grow, it is important that you are able to confirm payment. Please confirm your  booking at I have an online booking system that  will confirm your appointment. The only

payment options which are due at the time or  BEFORE 24 hrs of  your appointment.

Late payments will be charged a fee. $10/day in addition to your session fee


Please ensure you can keep your appointment. If you cannot attend 

please cancel 36 hours in advance. As that spot cannot be rebooked. A deposit maybe required if you miss your appointments. 


* Cash or email money transfer* option as well.

Appointments must be given 36 hrs notice if cancelling, or there is a missed appointment fee $150.00


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